MAY 12, 2021

ASSARIA, KANSAS — Representative Steven Johnson (R-Assaria) announced his campaign for Kansas State Treasurer today.

Johnson is known for saving the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS) from the brink of bankruptcy.

“I ran for the legislature to save Kansas from bankruptcy and got it done, saving taxpayers billions,” said Johnson. “I will continue to fight for taxpayers as your next state treasurer.”

The Kansas State Treasurer is a board member of the retirement system. Johnson has also served as chairman of the pensions committee in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Johnson is proposing a bill in the legislature to create a Sunset Commission that will audit government programs and determine which need to be eliminated.

“Government programs get created and they never seem to go away, they just grow,” said Johnson. “I want to dive into each agency and evaluate the effectiveness of programs so government can stop wasting taxpayer money.”

The State Treasurer is also responsible for several financial programs such as the state 529 Plan, the Able Act and the unclaimed property fund. Johnson’s background is in financial services at Ameriprise. He also graduated Kansas State University in Ag Economics and was elected Student Body President. He holds a master’s degree in finance from the University of Chicago.

“My background is a good fit for the state treasurer’s office,” said Johnson. “I have the experience in financial services and have worked on several of the programs the office administers.”

Johnson is currently serving his sixth term in the Kansas House of Representatives. He was first elected in a conservative wave in 2010, defeating a Democrat incumbent.

ABOUT STEVEN JOHNSON: Steven Johnson was born and raised on a cattle and grain farm near Assaria, Kansas, served by the DS&O Cooperative.  Interested by rural electric cooperatives, he attended the NRECA Youth Tour in Washington, DC and was elected to serve both as Kansas’ representative on the Youth Consulting Board and president of the NRECA Youth Consulting Board.

After graduating from Southeast Saline High School, Steven went on to study Ag Economics at Kansas State University where he was elected Student Body President and graduated with honors.

After college Steven continued to work on the family farm while working for Ameriprise, a financial services firm.  During this time he received his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago with an emphasis in finance and business policy.

While at Ameriprise, Steven was awarded the firm’s highest individual and team awards for his lead in creating a software program calculating the highest return of investment for a particular need.  He continues to use this expertise in his daily farming and in the State Legislature.

Steven ran for the legislature and was elected in 2010.  His financial and agriculture background have earned him valuable committee appointments including Chairman of the Tax Committee, Chairman of Insurance and Pension Committee, and membership on Appropriations and the Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget Committee. These committees allow him find solutions to the critical issues facing Kansas.

Steven has put his investment expertise to work for several non-profit entities, including serving on the investment committee of his church, the K-State Foundation and the Kansas 4H Foundation.